Moola Mantra – Healing Moola Mantra Activates Healing, Wealth, Love, Peace & Enlightenment – YouTube


OM is the primordial sound which created all of the galaxies. Life originated from OM. When you say OM or think OM, you are one with all of the universes in this space.

AIM is the mantra for consciousness, and life, and creation. Life, consciousness, creation; from OM comes AIM. It is also the mantra for the Goddess of Education – Saraswati.

HREEM is another Goddess who also comes out of OM. She is the most powerful Goddess because she gives birth to five different Gods, powerful Gods. Three forms of Siva: Sadasiva, who creates everything by thinking it; Maheswara, who is the great Siva; Rudra, another form of Siva – a powerful Siva, courageous, strong. These are the three forms of Siva: Sadasiva, Maheswara, Rudra. The other two Gods are Vishnu, the Protector God; Brahma, the Creator God. The five Gods come out of this one mantra: HREEM. You can see the power of this mantra.

OM … When you say OM, you should know the power of this primordial mantra that created this entire galaxy, the first born.

AIM … life, consciousness, creation.

HREEM … the three forms of Shiva, Vishnu and Brahma. The trinity of Brahma, Vishnu, and Shiva are in HREEM. The creator, protector, and destroyer are all in HREEM.


SARVA LOKAYA- Sarva means “All” and Lokaya means “Galaxies”…All Galaxies. 

ADITYAYA- Adityaya means the Sun – the Sun in All of the Galaxies.

SIVA SATGURU – the true Guru. Satguru is the true guru. The most powerful, authentic guru is truth; is Siva. Siva is the only true Guru.

BABAYA SWAHA Baba means the father who removes “papa” which means sins. Swaha, which means invoking mantra, “I invoke you.” 

via Moola Mantra – Healing Moola Mantra Activates Healing, Wealth, Love, Peace & Enlightenment – YouTube.


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