Top 10 Reasons To Do Sadhana


The Top 10 Reasons to do Sadhana

1. Your health is your most important asset. You should dedicate at least 1/10 of your day to your physical, mental and spiritual well being.

2. Having a solid spiritual practice is key to surviving challenging times

3. Starting your day with mantra & meditation brings clarity and purpose to the other important goals of your life

4. Sadhana is the time you develop your relationship to your self. Maintaining a healthy relationship to yourself, is the key to strengthening your relationships with others.

5. The early morning hours have less electrical and mental activity in the air, allowing the mind to focus better, and shuniyaa to be more easily attained.

6. Sadhana is your time to “sharpen the saw”.

7. Recent studies have shown that if your friends are obese, your chances of gaining weight increase. Similarly, if you do sadhana in a group, your chances of developing good habits increase in a similar way.

8. Your subconcious mind absorbs so much unconscius information. Conscious relaxation of the mind through yoga, meditative chanting, and deep meditative silence, provides the best avenue to consciously enlighten yourself

9. Great things come with depth. All masters have transcended through the depth of their practice be it in Sports, Science, Spirituality or Love. The cure for bitterness & disillusionment is discipline. Daily sadhana with discipline leads to enlightenment.

10. Sadhana is an anchor for the rest of the day. Beginning the day on a high note, sets the tone for the rest of the day.


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