Opening Post

I’ve created this blog so that others on a similar path have some kind of helpful guidebook for learning the concepts of healthy lifestyles, meditation, yoga, self-realization and enlightenment. The spiritual path to self realization is not an easy road, and if I can help even just one person achieve their goals and live their truth, my work was worth it.
I believe life is about living as best as you can, through all the positive and turbulent times. I believe life is about knowing yourself, and consciously maximizing your good karmas while at the same time minimizing your bad karmas.
I have had a blessed thing happen to me in this lifetime, where the universe has created situations to empower my soul and help clear the bad karmas of this lifetime and past lifetimes. I am extremely appreciate of this blessing and I have come to the conclusion that I want to live my life in service to the universe and to the rest of this world.
Another blessing is that I have found my life’s work and my souls purpose. As the universe has helped me clear a lot of karma, and empowered me with the knowledge of how to clear karma, I see my clear purpose and sense of direction to be helping others clear their karmas.
I have a certain way to make this happen: I have found immense positive energy and happiness in making healthy foods to help clear karmas; I get positivity from making medicated ghees. Ghee is the physical manifestion of the divine mother. Medicated ghees can help heal the physical body and karma in a directed fashion. Chanting and filling the ghees with positive healing energy brings me great joy. I make ghee and medicated ghee as a part of my sadhana(spiritual practice).
The culmination of all of this has had immense benefits on my life, mentally, physically, emotionally, and spiritually. I want the same for everyone, now and in the future.
Please use this resource as much as you like on your path to self realization. I wish all humans on this planet a happy, fruitful, and peaceful existence.

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